Our story

One day while climbing a mountain with an Australian forester, we asked him why he’d switched to a plant-based diet. The barbecue-bred lad explained how he couldn’t claim to be an environmentalist and eat otherwise.

Once home we did some research, were shocked by what we discovered, and decided to overhaul our diet.

Along the way we encountered a lot of confusing, sometimes conflicting information. However in the end it boiled down to a simple conclusion. By changing our diets we could make big improvements to our own health and to the environment.

It also became clear why we hadn’t known this sooner. What we eat is defined by habit. We eat what our parents raised us on and they eat what our grand parents fed them. Diets are based on old habits that are out of tune with what we know today.

Sixty years ago many thought smoking was harmless. It took time for the science to reach us and for our habits to change .

Because food and agriculture are vast and deeply embedded in society and culture, change will probably be slower.

Politicians cannot help. They have their hands tied. Too many votes depend on supporting the existing system.

Most existing food companies have their hands tied too. If your existing brands are damaging, you’re unlikely to push a message that undermines them.

We believe the only way towards healthier food and a healthier planet is through people. With sound information and foods that fit the latest nutritional and earthly knowledge, people who care will quietly bring change by putting different things in their shopping trolleys.

To do this people need independently produced products that put nutritional fact and environmental science at their heart.

This is why we created One Earth.

This website is about how we changed what we eat and the products we created.

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