One Earth is an online organic breakfast cereal service for people in Switzerland. Many of our cereals are toasted. We make and get our products to your mailbox as smartly as we can to ensure optimal freshness, normally within a few days. Freshly toasted cereals taste amazing, but they’re best when they’re fresh.


Our products are only available online. You won’t find them in supermarkets. Selling online allows us to provide a fresher product because it is made and quickly sent. It also provides an opportunity to explain the nutritional benefits of our cereals in ways that are not possible via traditional food retail.

We are in Beta test mode and currently only send samples. Eventually, we plan to offer a fully developed subscription service with larger orders once we have expanded our kitchen.

We believe a subscription model makes life easy. Our cereal then comes automatically and is one less thing for your shopping list. We will make it easy to increase and reduce how much you get until you hit the right amount. If you are away or would like to skip a delivery we will have a pause option. And if you go on holiday and forget you can always skip the next delivery. Changing, pausing or ending a subscription will be possible in a few clicks with no notice period.

To get started just click on the orange button below to order samples.

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