How much does a subscription cost?

A standard 4-weekly subscription costs 23.80 Swiss francs. This includes four 400g bags of muesli. The price includes all postage and taxes. Each 400 gram bag of cereal costs 5.95 francs. You can order any number of bags, but orders under 4 bags come with a postal charge of 4.00 francs, rather than the free postage offered on orders of at least 4 bags. It is also possible to order samples. Click here for more information on samples. 

How often will I receive a delivery?

We send your cereal every four weeks. You will receive an email as soon as it has been shipped. The process is automated. You do not need to do anything.

Do I need to be home to receive my deliveries?

Not normally. We have designed everything to fit into a standard Swiss mailbox. If you have special delivery requirements you can add these to the address details in your account. Click here to login.

I don't live in Switzerland. Can I still subscribe?

We currently only deliver within Switzerland.

What is the minimum order?

There isn’t one. However, we encourage orders of 4 or more bags by offering free postage. A standard order is four 400g bags every 4 weeks. Spread over 4 weeks this is roughly one serving per day. If you would like to try our cereals click here to create an account and order a 2.50 Swiss franc trial pack.

What is the 20 Swiss franc deposit for?

We reuse our postal bags so we need you to return them. They are pre-addressed and return postage is pre-paid. The deposit helps to cover the cost of replacing the bag if it isn’t returned. To return it simply fold it into letter format and post it in any post box. There is no need to add a stamp. Click here for more detailed information.

At the end of your subscription this deposit will be refunded in full provided you have returned all bags to us.

How does the postal bag work?

Our postal bags are reusable so it’s important you send them back to us. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

How much do you charge for postage?

We charge nothing for postage unless your 4-weekly order is under 4 bags. In this case we charge 4 francs. There is no postal charge for trial packs.

How can I pay?

By Visa or MasterCard.

Can I try your product before subscribing?

Yes. You can order trial packs. Click here to create an account and order a 2.50 Swiss franc trial pack.

How can I modify or cancel my order?

This can be done at any time. Click here to login and make changes to your subscription. If you decide to cancel the last delivery processed will be the last one you receive.

Is there a notice period for ending a subscription?

No. Simply login (click here) to pause or end your subscription at any moment. The last delivery processed will be the last one you receive.

Where is my order?

All orders are tracked. Click here and enter your tracking number, which can be found in the email that was sent by Swiss Post when your package entered the shipping process. 

I am going on holiday. How can I pause my subscription?

This is nearly always possible. Click here to login and pause a subscription. In rare cases we may have already shipped your order. Please contact us and we will find a solution.

How can I change my e-mail address?

Click here to login and change your email address.

Are your products gluten free?

While we do not use any ingredients containing gluten our production processes are not certified gluten free and traces of gluten are possible.

Are your products suitable suitable for people with allergies?

Our products contain nuts and are not suitable for people with nut allergies. And while our products contain no ingredients containing gluten our cereals may contain traces of gluten.

Are your products organic?

All ingredients are organic.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Our products contain no animal products so they are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

If your question is not listed please click here to contact us by email.

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