One day we met someone dedicated to saving forests. For many years, like us, he hadn’t made a connection between diet and the environment. Then the penny dropped. He shared his story with us, and we began a journey.

We were unsure about making big changes to our diet. What should we eat? Would it be healthy?

Along the way we encountered a lot of information, but it boiled down to a simple conclusion: changing diet can bring big health gains to us and the environment.

It also became clear why we hadn’t thought about this sooner. We eat what our parents raised us on and select food from what we find around us. Diets are based on historical habits and what the food industry puts in front of us.

We found very few products focused on health and the environment. Many put shelf life, taste and convenience before nutrition and the health of the planet.

We believe the future of food will be shaped by well-informed consumers demanding products that put health and the environment at their heart, and on their labels.

We created One Earth for these demanding, health conscious, environmentally aware consumers.