One Earth’s philosophy combines a respect for nature with an open and avid interest in the health effects of food. For those concerned about their health and the health of the environment it is becoming clearer that a diet high in nutritious organic whole plants is difficult to beat.

For those interested in nutrition the current food retail model can be challenging. Information on packaging is limited and supermarkets are not an ideal environment for a deep dive into the nutritional pros and cons of what is on the shelves. Selling products online allows us to provide detailed nutritional information on our products from numerous angles based on the latest research. 

The hyper competitivity of supermarket shelves makes it difficult for food makers to remove unhealthy ingredients that titilate tastebuds and offer the long shelf lives retailers demand. We empathise with this but don’t accept that it’s the only way.

With all of these things in mind, We decided to develop our own cereals, testing them on family and friends. Somewhat to our surprise they loved them and asked for more.

And that is how One Earth was born. Organic cereals focused on nutrition and on lightening the load on the environment sent directly from our kitchen to your mailbox to ensure maximum freshness.

Over time, we plan to chip away at the vast and often confusing subject of nutrition by offering easy to digest, well-referenced insights via our blog and email newsletter.

The company was founded by Phillip Judd, who was drawn from the hustle and bustle of London to the calm natural presence of the Swiss Alps.