One Earth was founded by Phillip Judd, who was drawn from the man-made bustle of London to the calm natural presence of the Swiss Alps in 2009. 

One Earth’s philosophy combines a deep respect for nature with an open and avid interest in the health effects of food. Phillip’s interest in nutrition started in the years that led to his competing in the Mountain Bike World Championships in Métabief in France.

Some time later, Phillip met a humble fellow dedicated to saving forests. For many years he hadn’t made the connection between diet and the environment. Then the penny dropped. He quietly got to work updating his pantry. Sometime later he shared his story. 

Eager to reduce the environmental impact of his own pantry, and unsatisfied by the nutritional credentials of what was on offer, Phillip started making his own cereal, testing it on his friends and family. Somewhat to his surprise they loved it and asked for more.

And that is how One Earth was born. Nutritious cereals sent directly from our kitchen to your mailbox.

We understand that shifting to a healthier diet can be step into the unknown. Will it be healthy? How do I make sense of all of the information? What information can I trust? This vast, complex and sometimes contradictory topic can leave your head spinning. But, the short answer is that changing what we eat can bring big health gains and spare the environment.

Over time, we plan to chip away at this vast and often confusing subject by offering easy to digest, well-referenced insights via our blog and email newsletter. 

Quite a few products professing to be healthy actually aren’t. The hyper competitivity of the food industry makes it difficult for food makers to remove unhealthy ingredients that titilate tastebuds and offer the long shelf lives retailers demand. When shareholders are breathing down your neck your food needs to sell. This inevitably leads to a taste-shelf-life arms race involving unhealthy ingredients. We empathise with this but don’t accept that it’s the only way.

One Earth aims to do things differently by operating outside the current food retail and food marketing information ecosystems.