We have a mission. To save the planet and improve human health.

Earth is the one place we can survive, but we are exhausting it. And, food is putting more strain on it than housing or transport.

The volume of research and analysis on the subject can be bewildering,  but in the end it boils down to a simple inescapable fact. Tackling climate change and avoiding ill health requires a big shift in what many of us eat.

To get there we need facts and healthy food products that openly present their nutritional and environmental credentials with no marketing spin. Claims such as “no added sugar”,”100% natural” and “a good source of protein” can be highly misleading. Sugar has no added sugar, sewerage is 100% natural, and many products presented as “good” sources of protein can be full of salt, saturated fat and nasty preservatives, hardly good.

To help those interested in positive eating One Earth has created tasty products based on the latest nutritional and environmental science.

And as science advances so will our products.

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