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Healthy habits – drink this – One Earth®

Healthy habits – drink this

Good health is driven by what we do most of the time rather than by occasional indulgences. Here is an everyday habit that can make a big healthy difference.

The hidden calories in fruit juice

Fruit juice (and soda) is full of free sugar. One large glass (300 ml) of fresh orange juice contains around 25 grams of free sugar, the entire total daily amount recommended by the WHO (5% of calories)1. The same glass contains 135 Kcal, close to 8% of recommended daily calories, but because it has been stripped of the fruit’s fibre, it does little to satisfy hunger. Switching to water can cut daily calories by a quarter and eliminate a large chunk of free sugar consumption.

Free sugar, a WHO definition2, distinguishes between the sugar in fruit, which is still in nature’s wrapper, and the sugar in juice and other drinks which quickly slides into the blood stream causing all sorts of health problems.

Artificial sweeteners not all they’re advertised to be

Drinks with artificial sweeteners only work if you are very disciplined. Artificial sweeteners act on the brain to trigger craving. Several studies show that drinking them leads people to over consume later4. There is also evidence that some sweeteners might interfere with healthy gut bacteria too3. In addition, those who kick all sweet things readjust their taste buds and crave sweetness less.

Water beats them all

Making water your go-to drink can be a health game changer. It hydrates without adding any calories, sugar or hunger inducing side effects of artificial sweeteners.

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